About Us

We at Aditya trading company, with a very vast and rooted history of tea in our family offer you the best experience while tasting and trading with us. We bring you various teas from north to south and eastern extents. With our rich heritage, knowledge and business ethics which is been carried for almost 100 years in our family. We provide you with the best teas available in India with in-house blending and tasting facility.

The Director Of Aditya Trading Company, Mr.Uday K Sotta, At a very young age taking his family business to next level. Has marked his presence in over 20 countries worldwide.. ARAB WORLD, CENTRAL ASIA AND CIS.

The essence of our company has always been to provide the best products and services, so that you can feel the same joy in drinking our tea, as we have in making it. Today when we look back we see our self still blooming and wanting to spread our flavors and aroma as far as we can leaving no leaf unturned.

Our Origin

No legacy is as rich as honesty….” rightly said by William Shakespeare .

Tea business being our core activity for four generations of family legacy, is nurtured with utmost care, honesty and thrive to serve the best. This honesty and love for tea has been handed over very carefully from generations. The seed of our family business was planted by Late Mr. Shamji Vishram Sotta, who started selling Tea on the streets of Mumbai (then Bombay), way back in the year 1922. With his handwork, perseverance and knowledge, a year later in 1923, he progressed to the next step in the business of blending world class tea and started SENVANT TEA COMPANY. 

Gradually his sons contributed to their family business.

Late Mr. Karamshi Shamji Sotta, one of the 3 sons of Shamji Vishram Sotta made a mark in spreading the aroma of their tea across the state. In the late nineteen sixties, The Sotta Family had over dozen family members in the Tea trade and these branches spread across geographically.

Further In 1964 Late Mr. Kishor Sotta, son of Karamshi Sotta and father of Mr. Uday Sotta established Arati Tea which is the Parent company of Aditya Trading Company. In

In 1990 Mr. Uday Sotta, the fourth generation, stepped into the family legacy with one of the strongest branches in the name of Aditya Trading Company.

After launching various consumer brands in India, in the year 1997 he set sail and took Aditya Trading company to international markets spreading the fragrance of Finest Indian Tea, with rich family experience and heritage.