Packing Option

We provide you with the best packing solutions and take full care that the product reaches to you with the same freshness and characteristic. As it’s mandatory for us to keep our quality and standard above par. Be it bulk packing or tea bags. We consider packaging the most important aspect of our supply system. We offer our Teas in various packaging options as per buyer specifications.

Bulk Tea In Wholesale Packaging :

we offer wholesale Bulk Tea to our wholesale and private label customers in a variety of packaging options and quantities. We have a dedicated unit to produce and package Bulk Tea in 5 Kg up to 50 Kg in Boxes and Kraft Paper Bags. We have upward growth and 20 years’ experience in packaging high-quality tea for clients across the globe.

Bulk Packing
Customized Packing
Paper Sacks

Other Options :

Our most popular types of bulk tea wholesale packaging is corrugated boxes and multi-walled paper sacks in accordance with food safety regulations around the world.

Corrugated Boxes
Semi Consumer Packs
Consumer Packs

We offer you fully printed plain brown to colored corrugated boxes in 3 Ply, 5 Ply, 7 Ply options with various thicknesses ranging from B-Flute to E-Flute with your brand printed on it to protect the delicate tea leaves and prevent them from getting crushed during stacking and transport.

We offer Tea’s printed laminated bags with buyer brand and logo, ideally suitable for canteen and grocery store supplies. Various pack sizes are as follows which are further packed in printed corrugated master cartoons.

Packing the best Loose Leaf Indian Tea in retail ready tea packets in consumer brand and specifications packed in a variety of packaging styles and sizes. All our tea is packed in using the highest quality of packaging materials and health and food safety -standards

Private Label Tea Packaging :

In order to meet the needs of our clients and OEM, we at arati tea offer Private Label Tea packaging and customized packaging for Custom Brands and Brand owned clients. This service is specially designed so our clients can take advantage of the rising world wide demand for our product, Tea and make the most of our quality products and expertise to establish their own brand at complete ease of operation.

We at Aditya Tea, take utmost care of products under our brand and yours.

Benefits of Aditya Tea Private Label Packaging

  • One of the premier exporters of High quality Tea with 4 generations of expertise.
  • Complete Tea Solution from one source, including: Design and Development of the Product Box or Packet using In-House Services
  • Customised blends of Tea to suite your Market and requirements
  • Quality Assurance using our own Quality Procedures and External Quality and Safety Bodies
  • Over 80 years of experience in Tea and Tea related field